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"Tickled Pink" Personalized Baby Girl Turtle Toy Chest - 12 Piece Gift Set "Lion Heart" Personalized Baby Gift Basket
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Personalized Personalized
This unbelievably creative green and pink themed baby gift is sure to make a HUGE impression with the new mom and dad. Our Strawberry Onesies and gowns will keep baby girl warm and cozy each day and night, Johnson and Johnson baby lotion will keep baby's skin soft and supple after baths, the adorable  8" x 10" frog frame will keep those first photos safe and pretty, "Are you Ticklish" hardcover touch and discover book will teach baby about all kinds of different animals and awaken the senses, the adorable pink frog will amuse and entertain baby and our absolutely adorable pink and green turtle toy chest will keep baby toys stylishly tucked away. Loving, generous, courageous and brave, this adorable Kara Nessian baby gift basket will welcome the new baby in your life with open arms and keep baby warm, cuddly and protected!
Personalized "Raffi The Giraffe" 6-Piece Bibs & Burp Cloths Set in Gift Box Personalized "Dinosaur Expert" Kids Gift Set
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Precious and adorable, Raffi the Giraffe will keep baby looking fabulous day and night. Whether feeding on-the-go or in the middle of the night, this adorable Kara Nessian bibs and burp cloths gift set is sure to hit the right mark! Functional yet beautiful, this gift set will delight  new mom and dad.  Gift set includes 3 burp cloths and 3 bibs. The star of this set is the whimsical Galoompagalots Glus made by Manhattan Toys. Red, purple, yellow and green, Glus is sure to endear himself as a lovable monster/mysterious creature for any child. From his orange and violet shaggy ears to his key-lime green and goldenrod toes, Galoompagalots Glus is the ultimate dinosaur discovery expeditions.  Paired with our handy dandy lunch box and official "Dinosaur Expert" medal, what more could a paleontologists need?
"Owl Always Love You" Personalized Baby Gift Basket "My First Teddy Bear" First Essentials Basket
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Oh my!!! This has to be our staff's favorite basket! The wise, intelligent and brilliant owl represents quick-wit and nobility and is excruciatingly adorable in this brand new Kara Nessian baby gift basket. The soft hues of beige, yellow and brown, makes this basket ultra classy and chic. It's only Natural!  Babies love soft and clean, and the "My First Teddy Bear" First Essentials Baby Gift Set delivers both and then some.